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Child Dental Care

When it comes the children’s dentistry, and equal amount of time and care has to be taken into every procedure, as children’s teeth are weaker than fully grown adult teeth.

We prioritise the importance of children’s teeth and how they develop as they grow, and we ensure that we will find any cavities, damage or cracks that may be starting to appear in their teeth and promptly have them fixed.

At North Terrace Dental we use the safest practices to ensure that your child has a safe and pain free time at our clinic and will have procedures in places to make sure they are happy and smiling all the way through.

For most of health funds, child dental visits come with a small or no out of pocket payment at all. Furthermore, if your child is eligible for the Child Benefit Dental Scheme which is still offering $1000 of treatment every 2 years , that would be a Bulk Billed treatment. It is advised to ring medicare and see if your child is eligable for this plan.

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