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Cone Beam Dentist

What is a Cone Beam and When Does a Dentist Use It?

A cone beam computed tomography is a technological advancement that dentists use when traditional dental x-rays are not sufficient. It is primarily developed to produce similar types of images but with less cost. The CBCT can partially scan a region of the mouth within ten seconds and the entire mouth within 20 to 40 seconds. During this examination, you will not feel any pain and will be able to go about your usual routine the next day. Experts advise using it when diagnosing complex dental issues such as:

placement of dental implants 

Cone beam dentist

Choose a Dentist You Can Rely On to Operate a Cone Beam Machine

The use of cone beam CT (CBCT) requires a dentist with a wealth of experience. Fortunately, here at North Terrace Dental, not only do we have professional dentists, but we also use top of the line dental equipment. While CBCT is a relatively fresh innovation in the industry, it has significantly helped us in producing accurate 3D imaging of the teeth and jaws. This has become extremely helpful in terms of diagnosis and knowing the type of treatment we are going to pursue.

Aside from that, we are also known for offering great attention to detail throughout the process and high-quality service regardless of whether you’re a new patient or not. Delivering long term dental solutions through maintaining our high standards has become second nature to us. As a result, countless patients return to us and prefer us to be their family dentists. So whether you need a routine dental check-up, root canal, or other dental treatment, you can count on us. 

Advantages of Using Cone Beam According to Our Dentist

Below are the advantages of having an experienced dentist who can operate cone beam:

  • Dental CBCT produces better image quality as it uses a focused x-ray beam which reduces scattered radiation. All of the complex dental issues we use the cone beam machine to diagnose require extremely low doses of radiation.
  • Allows easy manoeuvre during a single scan because of its wide variety of views and angles.
  • Painless and accurate.
  • More efficient in precisely planning treatment.
  • Ability to produce bone and soft tissue images at the same time.

If you’re looking for a dentist who can operate a cone beam scanner, then North Terrace Dental is the clinic for you. Call us today to book a consultation.