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Sleep Dentistry Adelaide

North Terrace Dental Offering Sleep Dentistry in Adelaide

Having been in operation since 1908, North Terrace Dental has helped countless patients achieve a better smile and maintain it throughout their lives. Using our state of the art equipment and in-depth knowledge in both new and traditional advancements, we guarantee to provide dental care like no other. Whether a new or existing patient, we always offer an equal amount of time, care and warmth. Putting our patients first has become our mantra and is the reason why we have established a bond with each and every one of them. One of the services that we specialise in is sleep dentistry, having the most experienced professionals on board our team to offer this.

Sleep Dentistry Adelaide

What is Sleep Dentistry? Adelaide’s Finest Dental Services

Sleep dentistry is ideal for patients in Adelaide who are too frightened to undergo any dental procedure and have a low pain tolerance. The type of sleep dentistry that we offer is called IV sedation. We have a senior specialist anaesthetist that visits our clinics and has a special interest in doing dental IV sedation, so we have the best of the best when it comes to experience and care received. During this procedure, drugs are administered through an IV line and the patient is completely asleep and comfortable. However, they are able to respond to commands such as “open” or “close”. They do not remember anything about the procedure, and it often wipes their memory for the afternoon of the procedure. At North Terrace Dental, we care about our patients like they are family. That’s why we make sure to offer options that can help ease their anxiety, discomfort and fear. Furthermore, we offer these services at an external location.

Things to Consider Before Opting for Sleep Dentistry in Adelaide

While almost everyone in Adelaide can opt for sleep dentistry, our dentists still need to learn about your condition and overall health. This is necessary to ensure safety and prevent any harmful side effects from occurring after the procedure. Moreover, there are other factors and indications that affect this procedure.

  • Fear and Low Pain Tolerance
    Sedation dentistry is typically offered to patients with overwhelming fear, a phobia, or a very low pain threshold.
  • Teeth Sensitivity
    Another common reason for needing sedation treatment is sensitive teeth. Patients have their own unique set of teeth with varying sensitivity levels.
  • Physical Restrictions
    Some patients have difficulty in sitting in the dentist’s chair, and these patients require sedatives or other medications to keep them still.

If you need sleep dentistry in Adelaide, we are the team you can count on. Call us today for a consultation.